(Español) Entregas de Enero 2014


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(Español) Entrega de Canastas Navidenas 2013


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(Español) Entregas en Las Pampas, Jalapa


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Donations of clothes, toys, and sports gear to the town of Lacarpio


We visited a town named Lacarpio, which is close to Diria. You can see their humble homes, some covered with plastic, cardboard, wood or zinc. In this town there isn’t water nor electricity. We brought them close, toys, baseballs, bats and soccer balls. The majority of the mothers are single mothers who expressed their gratitude for the help and gifts for their children.

Donations of clothes, toys, school supplies, and sports gear in Monte Zion


We gave out donations this August in Monte de Zion close to Mateare and Brasiles. We gave out clothes, toys and school supplies. As well as baseballs, bats and array of soccer balls. We found a lot of kids that loved to play sports, and we feel this is essential to motivate children to steer away from the streets, gangs and drugs. This particular area is very poor and has homes made out of zinc and other thin materials. They asked for us to express how happy they were with everyone that helped make these donations possible.

Chavalos de Aquí y Allá thanks you for making this a reality

Giving out Toys, School Supplies and Clothes — March 2013


March 2nd of 2013 chavalo.com visited a rual sector in Nicaragua named Paz y Reconliacion located in kilometro 45 1/2 carretera a Rivas. This is a newly created area to live where essential necessities like water and power do not yet exist; they must travel a great distance with containers to bring back water and other necessities. There homes are built with what little resources they have, some are made out of cardboard, plastic and others with zinc metal sheets as walls and ceilings. Even under these conditions they are happy they have a roof over their head.

Chavalo.com visited this community with Dona Auralia Beteta which is a board member as well as her brother Jonny Martinez. We were able to give out clothes for adults, children and toddlers. We were also giving school utilities and toys which had been donated.

We were very happy to see the happiness in the parents faces as well as the children as they received donations and necessities that we were sent from so far away. For us its always a very rewarding feeling to be part of this project, the parents would ask us how we found their community since it was so far and they were extremely grateful.

This encourages to keep working to reach those in most need, and we will continue to look for the areas that are most in need, places where not only the parents but also the kids are in dire need.

We give an infinite thank you to all the donors who have giving to chavalo.com, thank you very much for generosity and donations. We pledge to continue to take your donations to the hands that need them most.

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Giving out the donations of shirts to kids in July 2012

Time for birth… time to grow up and …..time to give a SIMLE!

We were already born, we continue to grow, now its our turn to give back some huge smiles.

This past July we visited Nicaragua and were able to do just that. In Diriomo, a city to the north of the capital we found very modest homes. We witnessed advert poverty in this village were families make do with the little they have. The homes have dirt floors with zinc tiles ceilings, the walls are wooden planks with plastic that covers the gaps.

We asked in different homes how many people lived there and in almost all of them the answer was that bothers and sisters with their wives and their children, sometimes three to five kids and some still in their mothers arms up to ages nine.

We visited this community during the morning and when asking for the kids the older ones mentioned that they were at school. They walked to school as a group and it was serval miles away because there wasn’t a school close by. We came back later in the day when the kids began to return from their class. Thats how we were able to meet the kids that were lucky enough to even go to school. Some of them returned to empty homes since their parents were still working. It was very gratifying to see their smiles as we gave them new clothes, not only on their faces but also on their mothers and we always received a very sincere thank you.

This is a very brief story of how many of the families and children live in Nicaragua. But they are very grateful and fully of hospitality to those who visit. We say very unselfish attitudes as kids would say ‘this doesn’t fit me but it would fit my neighbor in that house.’ A very innocent heart felt sentiment at the early age of 9.

We encourage you to keep up with our projects, become part of the solution so that you may also experience the sentiment of giving back. Together as a joint effort we can help those less fortunate.

A special thanks for the donations from the Perez (Annielka) family and Nica Pringing (Byron Cabreara) for the donations of clothes.

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Donations we have received for kids in Nicaragua

Here are some pcitures of donations we have received for kids in Nicaragua. We are in the process of getting the new toys and clothes shipped to Nicaragua in order to bring a simle to the children who need it. We are thankful for the comunities help and we continue to need it, if you would like to help in some way please send us an email to info@chavalo.org

Giving clothes to kids and their families


We went to a community in Diriomo located in a valley named Pochotillo. We went to various houses, like the pictures depict there were many kids throughout the houses we visited.



The majority of the families face the reality of the parents having to leave the kids with aunts, uncles and even grandparents while they go look for work as far as Costa Rica. This is necessary in order to provide economic support for the entire family. Some parents end up staying for two or three years working without seeing their families. Then a after a brief visit home the leave once again to provide for their families.



These houses are close to a river, when it rains the river sometimes overflows into the houses, so the entire family must leave the house. When it rains the adults do not sleep in order to be ready in case the house begins to be flooded. In the pictures one can see how remote this place is and difficult to get to.


The families last names that we visited are as follows: