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2017 Necessity Package Deliveries to Diria, Nicaragua

We went to the town of Diria to four counties with the names of Barrio Narvaez, Ricardo Rivera and La Flor. As seen above, access to these rural neighborhoods was difficult due to steep slopes.

In the photos provided you can see our packages consisting of food and basic home necessities were delivered to under resourced neighborhoods. Residents shared with our volunteers that our delivery was exactly what they needed. Many families expressed our bag of food and necessities would be able to feed their household for a week and the soaps provided would allow them to wash their clothes and dishes. Many expressed their gratitude for our donations.

Don Luis Morales, a fellow volunteer, brought donated clothes and gave them to children. We also provided baby shoes for local newborns and toddlers. We encountered very humble homes, many of which were lined with plastic and other walls and roofs were made of zinc. Additionally, we encountered many homes where sheets and blankets are used as room dividers. 

In one of the places we visited, we found 4 houses that were located on the edge of a river bed. Residents expressed their gratitude to at minimum, have place to live with their family. They also shared that make their homes by building a big boxed area by using bamboo rods and then lining them with plastic.

At one of the hoes we visited we met a 97 year old elder with limited eye vision,  who shared she lives alone and having bared no children,  her only companion in life, her mother, had passed 8 years prior. She shared her gratitude and joy for not only our visit but for receiving one of our necessity package deliveries. As a team of volunteers we were collectively happy to have supported a community elder and have provided her with the provisions she received.

Names of Delivery Volunteers:  Carlos Areas, Mainor Vega, Senor Luis Morales, Javier Munoz, Clody Cornejo, George Morales, Carlos & Esperanza Leiva.

We appreciate the support of all the people who donate, volunteer and delivery resources. Chavalos sends a special thank you to Gabriela Alemán and her family. The Alemán family hosted a community fundraiser, La Cultura Cura, where all monetary proceeds were donated to make this years necessity package deliveries a possibility. 

To see pictures of this delivery please visit click here


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