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2018 Necessity Basket Deliveries in Granada, Nicaragua

We made a meal delivery on February 18, 2018 in Buena Esperanza, an under resourced neighborhood in the city of Granada. Most residents of this neighborhood are dedicated to the picking and selling of cashew and peanut seeds, then go to the streets and beaches to sell their merchandise. In many of the houses we found children alone because their parents were out selling their products.

We also saw many houses lined with plastic, zinc or cardboard. In one particular house we found a women who lives alone, with a broken leg, and could not get up. She expressed great joy in receiving one of our food packages. She shared that she was in great need of diapers so we also acquired and donated them to her. 

We were very happy to have arrived at these homes where we not only were able to provide residents with much needed resources but were also welcomed into their spaces where we were able to listen to their stories of their daily life in Buena Esperanza. 

Delivery Volunteers: Yerling C Aguirre, Sherleey N Aguirre, Harry A Sanchez, Emilio J Chavez, Esperanza M Leiva, Carlos J Leiva, Carlos D Leiva and Erik Leiva.

We appreciate the support of all the people who donate, volunteer and delivery resources. Chavalos sends a special thank you to Gabriela Alemán and her family. The Alemán family hosted a community fundraiser, La Cultura Cura, where all monetary proceeds were donated to make this years necessity package deliveries a possibility. 

To view images of our delivery please click here


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