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Necessity Package Deliveries to Diriomo, Nicaragua

On December 29th, 2019, a group of volunteers went to the city of Diriomo to the region of San Diego to deliver Christmas baskets on this occasion, 55 packages were delivered benefiting families living in extreme poverty in this community.

In the photos provided you can see our packages consisting of food and basic home necessities were delivered to under resourced neighborhoods. Residents shared with our volunteers that our delivery was exactly what they needed. Many families expressed our bag of food and necessities would be able to feed their household for a week and the soaps provided would allow them to wash their clothes and dishes. Many expressed their gratitude for our donations.

We encountered very humble homes, many of which were lined with plastic and other walls and roofs were made of zinc. Additionally, we encountered many homes where sheets and blankets are used as room dividers.

We appreciate the support of all the people who donate, volunteer and delivery resources. Chavalos give them thank you to all those who have supported us in all fundraising activities to deliver these supplies this year.

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