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Celebration of the 153 anniversary of the birth of Ruben Dario “Prince of the Castilian Letters”

On Saturday, January 18, 2020, the tenth “Bohemian Night” was held where he paid tribute to “The Prince of the Castilian Letters”, Félix Rubén García Sarmiento, commemorating the 153 anniversary of his birth in our country Nicaragua in Metapa, January 18 1867 – honoring the father of modernism Rubén Darío with a night full of poetry, folklore and culture, held at the Mission Cultural Center, in San Francisco.

On this occasion, the winner of the Latin Grammy Award, Carlos Mejía Godoy, was invited, presenting his musical interpretations of Rubén’s work, giving life not only to our poetry but also to our history.

We have the participation of: Efraín Escobar, poet of Bolivia. Aura Lila Beteta, Dariana. Ariana Arana, Miguel Angel Moya, Anakarina Moya. Lester Quintanilla and Chavalos Danzas por Nicaragua.

Chavalos de Aqui y Alla, commemorates these ten years of celebrating poetry: “Do not let go of enthusiasm, virtue as valuable as necessary; work, aspire, always tends to rise” – Rubén Darío

¡Long live Rubén, father of modernism and Prince of Castilian letters!

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