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Aliento Para Nicaragua is as our campaign for the purchase of food so our volunteers can make meals for people mainly children in Nicaragua . We are asking for a $5/month pledge, we know $5 isn't much but when given by multiple donors it adds up and go a long way in Nicaragua.

The payment date would be the 1st if every month through Patreon. You can join the rest of us that have taken this pledge. All donations go directly to making a difference for this campaign. 

Updates about this campaign

September, 2022

In September we continue working with our team of volunteers, bringing hot meals to the children 3 times a week in our community kitchens. With your help we managed to provide food to more than 600 children and 50 older adults.

August, 2022

In August, we continued with our “Aliento para Nicaragua” campaign in our community kitchens, we served more than 500 children with food prepared with a team of volunteers in the rural communities of Carazo.

July, 2022

In July, our team of volunteers continues to work on bringing hot meals food, more children are added every week, this month more than 400 children were cared for in the different rural areas of Carazo.

June, 2022

In June, children were celebrated on International Children’s Day with piñatas, candies and hot meals in different places in the rural areas of Carazo. Our team of volunteers continues to bring and serve hot meals to the more than 400 children who are served 3 times a week in the community kitchens.

May, 2022

In May, our volunteer team continues to serve community kitchens in vulnerable areas of Carazo, more than 400 children are served through our “Aliento para Nicaragua”campaign

April, 2022

In April our volunteer team continues to bring hot food to the vulnerable communities of Jinotepe, Carazo. Bringing a little help to more than 350 children who live at risk.

March, 2022

In March our volunteer team continues to monitor the children’s kitchens. Providing hot meals 3 times a week to the most vulnerable communities in Carazo (Barrio Germán Pomares, La Competencia and Villa Rotaria).

February, 2022

In February, our team of volunteers continues with the work of the community kitchens, preparing food to serve children who live at risk in the communities of Carazo. Around 350 children are provided with food 3 times a week.

January, 2022

In January, our volunteer team continues to bring hot meals through the community kitchens where food is provided to 350 children in different rural communities of Carazo

The delivery of the baskets with basic food for the home was completed, these were delivered to 50 families from the vulnerable neighborhoods of the Carazo areas.

December, 2021

In December, the team of volunteers brought joy and humanitarian aid to the community of Santa Rosa, a moment of coexistence with the residents of that municipality with many needs, giving toys to the children. They also cooked and served hot meals to children in the area. They held several activities including:

* Pinatas

* Arts and Crafts

A total of 415 boys and girls received a toy this Christmas.

November, 2021

In November, the volunteer team delivered food and medicine to the Jinotepe nursing home, the directors of the home received the donation with great joy, thanking everyone who supported the initiative.

October, 2021

In October the volunteer team continued to distribute hygiene kits to families in need. They also prepared hot meals for the children of the region. The volunteer doctors carried out medical visits in the Lomas del Viento community of the municipality of La Conquista, Carazo. This community is a distant place and they have little access to health units.

September, 2021

In September our volunteers were able to give out food kits to 15 families that are currently battling the Covid-19 pandemic. They also able to provide hot meals to these families and masks for both adult and children. Nicaragua is currently facing another wave of the pandemic and independent reports are stating that hospitals, and private clinics are at full capacity. Some of volunteers have battled Covid-19 in recent weeks. Estimates show that only 24% of the population has been vaccinated and currently anyone under 40 is not allowed to receive it. Our team of volunteers will continue to work with those most vulnerable. We each and everyone of you for your continued support.

August, 2021

In August, the team of volunteers gave donations of good and hygiene products to Hogar Pajarito Azul. They also gave similar donations to home for the elderly.

July, 2021

July 1st, 2nd and 3rd our medical volunteers helped in the rural areas of Rivas, providing free visits/consultations. They also gave out hygiene kits and necessity baskets to families in the region.

June, 2021

In June our volunteers gave out hygiene kits to laborers that work at night plus community members that are currently homeless. They also gave out hot meals to workers from the safe house named Manolo Morales.

May, 2021

In May, the team of volunteers continued to give out hygiene kits to families in need. This time they cooked hot meals and pastries for adults in the region. May 30th is Mothers day in Nicaragua and the team celebrated with 30 mothers from the region giving them meals and other household items.

April, 2021

In April, near a town named Jinotepe the team of volunteers gave out hygiene kits to families. They also cooked and served hot meals to children in the area. They held several activities including:
* Pinatas
* Arts and Crafts
* Coloring 

March, 2021

In March our team of volunteers purchased food and cooked for ‘hogar Pajarito Azul’ in Jinotepe. They were able to also give out:
Medicines depending on the needs.
2) gallones of cooking oil.
2) Spaghetti packages
2) Bags of Coffee
1) Package of Salt
2) Bags for making soup
1) Package of matches

February, 2021

Our team of volunteers has been working with a poverty stricken community in Carazo, this town is on the outskirts of Jinopte. The team is giving educational workshops about health and Covid-19 prevention as well as other topics. The team has been getting ready to start vocational workshops and have began the registration process. The plan for these workshops include the making of piñatas, making artifacts out of wood, earrings and bracelets and other projects that will help the community auto sustain themselves. The volunteers are working hard to launch this project and have expressed their gratitude for our monthly support.

Enero  16, 2021

This past 16th of January we were able to purchase school supplies for 150 children in a rural of Carazo. These supplies consisted of back packs, notebooks, pens and pencils, and crayons.

December  29, 2020

This past December 29th our volunteers gave out toys and treats for 160 children in a community in Jinotepe, Carazo. A special thank you to @oraesempre who has been directly helping this campaign through a portion of their sales. Check out their unique handmade products.

November 6, 2020

This month we were able to make care packages with food like rice, beans, sugar and medicine.

October 5, 2020

This month our volunteers cooked and delivered hot meals as well as bottled water and hand sanitizer for those with out homes.

September 6, 2020

This month we were able to make care packages with food like rice, beans, sugar and medicine.

August 2, 2020

With the first donation that we sent to Nicaragua, we were able to give out hygiene kits that contained masks, hand sanitizer which helped the families with elders and children.

Food Kits For Families

Hot Meals for families as well as necessity baskets

Delivered to Their Homes

Our Volunteers go directly to the areas in need

Monthly For Only $5

Take the $5 pledge and join others to make a difference.

Or One Time Donation

Anything helps, we will post updates of distributions on a monthly basis.

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