Chavalos Celebra Gala Anual “El Güegüense”

Con mucho entusiasmo celebramos nuestro deciemo a niversario en nuestra noche cultural El Güegüense, realizado este pasado sábado, 17 de Septiembre, en el Teatro Brava. Queremos agradecer a nuestros colaboradores: California Arts Council, The Designing Chica, Ibarras Printing, JP Autobody, Mission Meals Coalition y DP Nicoli por el apoyo en esta producción. A los deliciosos Antojitos […]

Aliento Para Nicaragua

We have an ongoing campaign for the purchase of medicine and necessity baskets for people in Nicaragua that are impacted by Covid-19. We are asking for a $5/month pledge since we know a lot of the population is suffering and $5 from of all of us goes a long way in Nicaragua. The payment date […]

Ayuda Medicos en Nicaragua durante Covid-19

We have focused on the problems caused by the pandemic in Nicaragua, the general population and also the need to protect the medical staff. We are very grateful to our heroes; doctors, nurses and auxiliary personnel who assist the sick. This delivery of donations was in cooperation with its coordinator, the president of the Nicaraguan […]

El Güegüense and the Mission

“El Güegüense,” is often referred to as one of the jewels of Nicaraguan culture. Although several theories estimate the exact date of creation and identity of the writer, it is generally accepted “El Güegüense” debuted in Nahuatl and found its first home among street theaters under the noses of Spanish colonial authorities. The word “Güegüense,” […]

Bay Area Nicaraguans react to country’s political turmoil through art, solidarity

by Paul C. Kelly Campos January 30, 2020 A line of drummers, dressed in the traditional blue and white, beat past with a background mass of colorful dresses pirouetting on stage. Disembodied voices, emboldened by the poignant atmosphere, chant “Nicaragua Libre!” Danzas por Nicaragua, a subset of the Nicaraguan cultural San Francisco-based nonprofit Chavalos de […]

Necessity Package Deliveries to Diriomo, Nicaragua

On December 29th, 2019, a group of volunteers went to the city of Diriomo to the region of San Diego to deliver Christmas baskets on this occasion, 55 packages were delivered benefiting families living in extreme poverty in this community. In the photos provided you can see our packages consisting of food and basic home […]

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