Support for Hans Hernandez

June 4th 2018, 23 year old Hans Hernandez, a Nicaraguan youth, had his left eye severely injured by a rubber bullet, causing his retina permanent damage. Hernandez will be receiving support from Chavalos in order to undergo surgery for a prosthetic eye. We are working with Programa de Prótesis Ocular para Estudiantes, organized by a […]

Support for Masaya, Nicaragua

Thank you RM, a San Francisco Bay Area resident who asked to remain anonymous, for their generous donation of $420.  Their donation will be allocated to provide humanitarian aide in Masaya, Nicaragua and was sent through contacts in the Catholic Church 

Support for Bosco Rivas of Masaya, Nicaragua

June 12, 2018 UPDATE:  Chavalos has raised and donated $120 towards supporting Rivas new born daughter  as he recovers from his injuries.  May 11, 2018 – ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: Bosco Rivas is one of the thousands of recently injured Nicaraguans. He, like many other Nicaraguans, was recently injured by a stray bullet.  Bosco, was shot in […]

Support for Granada, Nicaragua

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