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Chavalos Danza present at the San Francisco Carnival 2022 “Colors of Love”, contingent # 46

After all the planning and hard work, we were extremely happy to finally be able to perform live at Carnaval San Francisco after a couple of years of not being able to do so. This year was our biggest contingent yet in what now has become a tradition for Chavalos Danzas por Nicaragua participating and performing and putting Nicaraguan Culture on full display here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It takes an entire community and as they say a whole village! And we want to say thank you to so many people and organizations that made it possible for us to pull this off. Thank you to our community partner Mission Meals Coalition for supporting us in multiple ways. Thank you to the Front Porch, Rock Bar and Ibarra Brothers Printing. Thank you to ACE Plumbing and Auto Express Towing and the Bermudez family for helping us with the space and logistics as we worked on creating 5 (active) volcanos. Thank you to Jario Bolaños Jb Bar Tender , Jorge Aburto, Fernando Castillo and Oscar Cash for assembling our float and the entire Chavalos Danzas team for decorating and pitching in wherever needed to arrive at the finished product. Thank you to aka DJ Marv for keeping the performers and crowd upbeat and dancing. Thank you to Gema and the entire team that worked behind the scenes to ensure everything would run smoothly.

Thank you to our Chavalos Danzas performers, who put in many many hours of sweat and hard work which paid off as they truly (and literally) shinned throughout the entire parade. You brought life to the vision and personified the love and joy we all share in celebrating our culture, cheers, and bravo/a to each and every one of you for your dedication and commitment. To the new faces: welcome to the Chavalos family, to those who hadn’t performed in a while: welcome home, to everyone: Thank you for pouring your heart in soul into your performance.

Thank you teachers Ana Ornelas, Maya and all the parents who helped us with our Elementary ‘chavalitos’, they did so good! It’s not easy for an adult to make it through the entire parade and these kids kept on going…future artists in the making! Thank you to everyone who supported them.

Thank you to our costume and float designer (and instructor) Harold Pérez who poured his artistic vision into this year’s theme even through several challenges he faced he was able to shine through with his efforts. The wardrobe was made by Nicaraguan hands in Nicaragua with Harold’s guidance, thank you for allowing us to keep supporting our community back home.

And last but not least, the person responsible for dreaming up how this would turn out before it happened, from the music to the choreography to coordinating our largest group of performers (60+) our Chavalos Danzas Dance Director Diana Aburto Vega. It was your vision and your high-level energy that motivated everyone to give their all to each dance move. Thank you for your efforts and dedication to making Carnaval 2022 one to remember dearly.
Performers / Dancers
Estela Zaragoza
Mariana Avalos
Yaskara Bolaños
Alijah Cabe
Alinah Cabe
Jasmin Rojas
Channty Bolaños
Gabriela Alemán
Jennifer Conrad
35+ Elementary children
Julia Carranza
Kutza Martinez Murrar
Gabriela Hernandez
Anakarina Moya
Génesis Ortega
Maria Auxiliadora Ruiz
Linda Delgado
Natalie Cash
Joseline Granados
Ariana Arana
Nicolle Martinez
Jennifer Rivera
Heydi García
Claudia Castillo
Yoisa Rosales
Alder Richard
Susana Sanchez-Young
Maritza Arguello
Harold Perez
Diana Aburto

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