Donate to our Canastas Navideñas Campaign

Donate to our Canastas Navideñas Campaign

Since 2010 every holiday season we have worked on the ‘Canastas Navideñas’ campaign. We deliver necessity baskets to families in need in Nicaragua. These baskets consist of nonperishable foods, soap, cooking oil, hygiene products, and more during the holiday season. Most years we have also included toys for children that live in the households. In recent years we have expanded our footprint to neighboring countries in Central America.


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100% of donations received for this campaign will go directly into purchasing the items that make up each basket.

5lbs of Beans, 5lbs of Rice, Oatmeal, Noodles, Milk, Cooking Oail, Soap for Laundry, Soap for Dishes, Hygiene Products, Toys among other things.

Due to social political crisis in the country, prices of goods has risen exponentially. The basket with all items costs $18 in 2021 this year the same items now cost $27. 

Chavalos has a team of volunteers in the country that seek out areas of families and need and they give out the donations during Christmas or a few weeks after depending on logistics. 

Yes, you can read more about our Aliento Para Nicaragua Campaign here:


Aliento Para Nicaragua

Yes, due to the social political crisis, many Nicaraguans have migrated to neighboring countries, we have donated baskets in Costa Rica since 2018.

Our volunteers seek out those communities most in needs.

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For those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, we will be raffling off a Nintendo Switch on December 22th, 2022
Each Ticket is $5, our local volunteers will have raffle tickets for community members.
All Proceeds will go to aid Hurricane victims in Nicaragua we will post a report with pictures as to where and how the funds were used.

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