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Roconola Pinolera

Roconola Pinolera es un proyecto ONG sin fines de lucró de Chavalos de Aquí y Allá. Cuyo propósito fundamental es, seguir proyectando el arte, cultura e idiosincrasia Nicaragüense. Por la crisis que vivimos en la actualidad del Covid-19 no hemos podido realizar eventos en vivo, por tal razón hemos buscado alguna manera de seguir realizando conciertos de manera virtual por nuestras redes sociales, así podemos apoyar a nuestros artistas y traeles un pedacito de Nicaragua a cada uno de los miles de Nicaragüenses que nos sintonizan por todo el mundo. El segundo objetivo es crear un medio para que los artistas transmitan sus talentos y habilidades y sean recompensados, ya que este sector ha sido uno de los más afectado por esta crisis. De ahí nace la idea de la ‘Roconola Pinolera’.

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Support Sergio Go Fund Me Campaign

My name is Sergio, I left Nicaragua on the 29th of June in 2018 to Panama due to the social-political turmoil that my country and I personally faced. I went with my family, my wife and a newborn baby. Six months later we ran out of money and were forced to go back home, there I again faced persecution and fled the country alone since my wife was now pregnant with our second child. This was by far the hardest thing I have ever faced, leaving my growing family behind.

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Aliento para Nicaragua

Aliento para Nicaragua is our campaign for the purchase of medicine and necessity baskets for people in Nicaragua that are impacted by Covid-19. We are asking for a $5/month pledge for the next 6 months since we know families are in need and $5 when given by multiple donars will add up and go a long way in Nicaragua.

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Chavalos Danzas por Nicaragua

We have taken our Folklore classes online; people all around the world are now able to have access to our renowned professional dance instructors and choreographers. We have a children’s class every Saturday where kids can also participate and learn from our team of dancers.

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Necessity Baskets for Nicaragua

Since 2010, Chavalos has given out Necessity Baskets during the Holiday season to families in poverty in rural areas of Nicaragua. We fund raise year round .

Raised $110.00
Goal $2,000.00
Donor 5

Chavalos Toy Drive 2020

In recent years we have been giving out Toys to children within our community here in the Mission and other sections of the San Francisco Bay Area, Help us bring them something to smile about

Raised $26.00
Goal $2,000.00
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