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el Gueguense XI

The talented Chavalos Danzas troupe will bring to life El Güegüense, a theatrical play full of satire that dates back to the colonial-era in Meso America. It is the most distinctive theatrical performance from Nicaragua that combines folklore music, dance, and theater. The name derives from ‘huehue’ which means wise old man in the native language ‘nault’. El Güegüense is the highest expression of Nicaraguan folklore, it was proclaimed by Unesco as a ‘Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’.

Guest classic ballet dancers will interpret poetry pieces from renowned Nicaraguan poets like Ruben Dario, and the night would not be complete without Chavalos Danzas gracefully dancing to the folklore melodies played by a live marimba trio.

Join us for our 11th annual showcase El Güegüense – ‘Si la Patria es Pequeña…’ as Chavalos Danzas and our invited guests pay tribute to our culture, traditions, and our folklore throughout the night. Brava Theater awaits you! Doors Open @ 5 pm, Saturday, September 16th.

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