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On November 3, 2020 Hurricane Eta crashed against the
Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua as a category 4 hurricane, devastating the mostly
indigenous and Black communities that inhabit the area. Shortly after, on November
16, 2020 Iota, a category 5 hurricane, made landfall in the same area destroying what
little was still standing. Chavalos launched our fundraising efforts via a live facebook
concert to bring awareness and much needed aid to the coastal area on November 7,
2020 with artists residing in Nicaragua. Since then, our call for help has been spread
and magnified by our community via social media platforms and news agencies. To
ensure donations reach the affected community members directly we have partnered
with AMICA an indigenous organization residing in Bilwi.


AMICA stands for Asociación de Mujeres Indígenas de la Costa
Atlántica (Indigenous Women Association of the Atlantic Coast). AMICA is an NGO
established in 1991 whose mission is to serve the female indigenous population of
over 256 communities in the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. They are advocates of
women's human rights, encourage their participation in community decision-making
and promote their economic independence.


Chavalos is a Nicaraguan nonprofit based in San Francisco and we use the cultural arts as a vessel to organize our local community to provide humanitarian aid transnationally while keeping our culture and traditions alive.

Our goal is to bring together local youth to form a support system for under-resourced families, both in our local communities and in Nicaragua. 


AMICA surveyed and generated a report of the
aftermath of hurricane Eta in their communities. This report was shared with us after
our initial meeting to shed light on the devastation and the immediate needs of their
people. We have attached it here for your reference. We have now added a second report that shows the impact of hurricane Iota. Currently the area is out of
power, buildings are flooded and AMICA is focusing on getting immediate aid to their
communities. We have been fortunate to maintain contact with them and will continue
to post updates via our social media platforms and here on our website.

Thank You

We are committed to keeping donors and community members updated on the status of the Nicaraguan people and how resources are used. Right now the priority is ensuring the immediate safety of community members, and immediate access to water, food and shelter.
We are working with AMICA leaders to develop a timeline of resource distributions and status updates; while being mindful of the climate and regional developments. We anticipate publishing weekly updates.
Thank you so much to our donors and supporters for making immediate relief accessible!

updates & Latest News

Phase 3: Distribution of 500 Laminas de Zinc and 10,000lbs of Maiz to Sow, Canastas Navidenas

February 3, 2021

This week we purchased 500 12ft long, top grade, zinc sheets to rebuild people’s homes in different communities. AMICA also purchased 100 quintals of corn seeds for the region. This will not only allow those impacted in the region to sow and harvest corn in the following months but will serve as an accessible, autonomous and sustainable food resource for the community at large well into the future. The items listed are currently in transit to the region. Once items arrive and the distribution process begins we will update this page with images along with a full report by AMICA. The purchases and logistic costs for this phase total to $11,664.25 USD.

January 16, 2021

In mid January, AMICA distributed Canastas Navidenas (Necessity Baskets) and toys to families and children in the region. These baskets contain: Rice, beans, sugar, coffee, soap for clothes and soap for dichses, cooking oil and hygiene products. The baskets and toys purchased for this project were made possible by a donation of $1,855 from Mayela Porras, Adriana Paniagua and fellow women entrepreneurs who donated to our Canastas Navidenas campagin. Thank you to them and their entire team for making this possible   

**The full report of Canastas Navidenas distributions can be found below under ‘Reports’ **

Phase 2: Distribution of 1,000 Laminas de Zinc and 10,000lbs of Beans to Sow

December 23, 2020

Last week we were able to purchase 1,000 12ft long, top grade, zinc sheets to rebuild people’s homes. We are happy to say they arrived in Bilwi today. Along with the zinc we purchased 100 quintals of bean seeds, to be distributed in the region. That’s 10,000 lbs. of seeds! This allows for the communities to sow and harvest in the new year, creating a lasting financial impact in their livelihoods. In total, a little over $20,000 USD was spent. This was only possible thanks to everyone who donated. 


The next phase of our Hurricane Relief Drive is:

1. The purchase and distribution of blankets/sheets, cooking utensils.

2. Canastas Navideñas – Humanitarian baskets containing food and personal hygiene items.

3. Christmas toys/presents for orphans and children in need.


As the zinc and bean seeds are distributed we will keep you updated with pictures and videos as we get them. 


The efforts are ongoing, thank you to everyone who has donated or shared this campaign. We continue working with AMICA to ensure your donation reaches those in need on our Atlantic Coast. 

**The full report of these distributions can be found below under ‘Reports’ **


Phase 1: Immediate Aid to Communities

December 08, 2020
AMICA gave out Food Kits in the community of Sandybey in Litoral Norte. 
December 05, 2020
AMICA gave out Food Kits in the community of Sukatpin 
December 04, 2020
AMICA leaders who went to the capital to collect resources have recently returned to Bilwi. They have met with community leaders in order to distribute essential food kits that contain:  Rice, Beans, Salt, Cooking Oil, Flour and Baking Soda. These food kits will be taken to different communities and families in need. 

A portion of the donations was used to purchase and plant beans. This creates sustainable and local food sources that they will be able to sow in the coming year. Donations come and go but being able to harvest their own food staples to sustain their communities, provides food autonomy. 

In addition, AMICA is currently looking to purchase zinc and building materials in bulk to begin repairing homes. This will be the focus of future distributions.
November 26, 2020
AMICA made and distributed care packages with water, non perishable and hygiene products in Municipio de Waspam. They also cooked carne de res, arroz y yuca con fresco de tang for the people in shelters in Puerto Cabezas. 


November 24, 2020

AMICA Statement:
Bilwy and Indigenous communities need us. As an organization of Indigenous Women of the Atlantic Coast #AMICA; We have began work to support people that have been affected by #HurricaneEta and #HurricaneIota. We have the need for financial support to meet immediate needs as well as the construction of partial and in some cases total damage to homes. Hurricane Eta left in its wake serious damage that is neither recoverable in  the short term nor in an immediate manner, the damage is so great that it affects the coastal population psychologically, socially and economically.  The flora, fauna, livestock, agriculture, as well as the fishing area are seriously damaged. There are many needs: Food, Hygiene products, Water, Clothing, Medicines, Cash and Construction Materials. Our Indigenous women, boys and girls need us. 

November 21, 2020

This week AMICA’s leaders travelled to Managua with the goal of gathering much needed aid. Thanks to your donations, we have been able to facilitate the means to purchase by making the first transfer of $10,000 to their account. We will be sharing pictures and receipts as soon as they’re provided.

In addition, AMICA has a team surveying the communities and evaluating the damages. We have seen the beginning of a preliminary report and will share it here once it’s completed. With many areas not having electricity, shelter plus substantial damages, the priority continues to be immediate aid.


Reports by amica of distributions

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the funds that are donated getting to the people in need?

We have partnered with AMICA because they have been in the region for many years and are able to get aid directly to the people that need it.

Can we donate clothes, water, non perishables here in the United States?

At this time we are not taking any physical donations, we would love to be able to do that but the logistics and social political  crisis currently in Nicaragua makes it difficult for us to truly know if aid will reach its intended destination. 

When will the donations be given and how will we know where they went?

We have already began dispersing aid to AMICA Phase 1 and 2 are complete, and reports are available here. Phase 3 is currently under way and we 

What can I do to help?

We have received an overwhelming amount of messages, calls and donations. We thank you for your support and trust in us. If you are able to donate do so, if you are not, please share and
spread the word.

Do you take donations via PayPal?

Yes, you can donate via PayPal using the email We are currently using two platforms for this fund: Venmo & Website donations. We have other campaigns that use PayPal, so if you prefer to use this platform please mention Hurricane Relief Fund in the memo line. 

Will any of my donation to the Hurricane Relief fund go to Chavalos Operational costs?

No, our board members are all voluntary in nature, meaning no one receives a salary. All funds would go directly to Nicaragua.

Do you have more question? Send us an email : 

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