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Los Nietos del Jaguar

La Fundación Ballet de El Salvador, we will be performing “Los Nietos del Jaguar” based on the poem by Pedro Geoffroy Rivas. Los Nietos del Jaguar by Alcira Alonso takes the words of the Salvadoran poet and through movement, showcases a narrative that takes us in a choreographic journey through the indigenous and mestizo experience in El Salvador, a story of conquered and colonized among folklore daily life and the abstract of a past that clings to the blood of our people. Alcira Alonso described this neoclassical dance work as a new mestizo dawn, where the cultures are mixed with preponderate religious influence. The mysticism of the figure of the Native and the Jaguar serves as the common thread of the story while the different choreographic compositions bring life to the poem. They culminate in a surge of energy, struggle, and fervor characteristic of our Latin America.

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