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Gema Sotomayor

Chairwoman of the Board

Brief info

Gema Sotomayor is a Nicaraguan-American born in Los Angeles, California to immigrant parents. As one of three kids, she grew up experiencing food and housing instability. In order to provide for herself and one of her older brothers with a better quality of life, her parents sent them to live in Nicaragua with family. Living in Nicaragua allowed her to live a life she never knew in the U.S.: stable housing, food every day, and a comfortable life. After living for some time in the country, she came back to the U.S. But, as soon as she was able, moved back to Nicaragua permanently where she maintained a corporate job and used her resources to sponsor Nicaraguan kids living in poverty. She is currently the Chairwoman of the board of directors for Chavalos de Aqui y Alla, where she has fostered strategic alliances between community partners within the San Francisco Bay Area as well as sister organizations in Nicaragua.

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